At "Fence Pro'' we offer many different styles of wood fencing to choose from, and can provide solutions to fit any budget. If affordable and inexpensive is your objective, then we are your fence company. But if you are looking for a more sophisticated, architectural style call us at (336)222-8836 or better yet come by see or different Custom Wood Displays at: 1411 S. Main St. Graham, NC 

As any fence contractor will tell you, the primary drawback with wood is durability. Wood is simply not as strong material as stone or other hard materials. Over time wood fences will eventually succumb to insects, rot and old age.  It is important to contract with a reputable fence contractor to select and install a wood fence.

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We have the best Displays of Wood Fences in Alamance County, Ride Through our Wood Displays anytime at 1414 S Main St Graham to help you decided on your on Design. 

Custom Wood Fence in Graham

Custom Wood.

Wood Fences provide a beautiful, natural look and are commonly used as decorative means of providing privacy for homes. Wood is affordable, one of the expensive materials offered by a fence company. Wood Fences are quickly, easily installed and provide a look that can be changed from time to time through paint or stain product.

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